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How It Works


The concept is simple. Help a neighbor and earn credit for each hour of your service. In exchange, you can spend your time credits on any of the hundreds of different services that other members offer. Hour Nevada County empowers individuals, organizations, and businesses to help each other meet their needs cash-free through one-to-one exchanges and group projects. Their activities build and strengthen our community.


This cartoon illustrates an example from TimeBank flagship, Exchange Portland in Portland, MN:




Please note: we are happy to announce that your TimeBank statements are now available on-line and accessible to you any time of the day! No need for paper statements in the mail!

What an online TimeBank account looks like:


Community members interested in joining Hour Nevada County can do so online or meet with a Coordinator to set up an online account and to learn about how use the TimeBank software and access services. Offers and requests posted by members of the HNC community appear on our Time and Talents website , as well as opportunities and community events to get involved in, and can be searched through our website database


  • Members agree to exchange at the rate of one hour service=one timebank hour.

  • Either the recipient or provider of services can log the exchange in the TimeBank system using a computer or smart phone. When an exchange is recorded, the other member receives an email as confirmation. 

  • Members who do not use the internet can be matched with an "online member" to help them make better use to the timebank system. 


If any errors occur in recording the transaction or you need online assistance, please contact a TimeBank Coordinator. If you need help getting a response to a request or offer, please feel free to let us know - we broadcast unique and urgent requests-offers in weekly member emails. Our coordinators can also provide other tips to make connections, if needed. For general assistance, please call 530-264-6048

For more answers go to Frequently Asked Questions.

For our Member Handbook click here and our Software Guide click here. 


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