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Former Hour Nevada County member Jenny “Rocky” Rockwell landed a wonderful job as Adult & Teen Services Librarian at the Sonoma County Library in Santa Rosa soon after Rocky had joined HNC a couple years back.

While Rocky had to leave Nevada County, she has not forgotten HNC and its good works. 


Rocky recently reached out to HNC founder/admin,  Reinette Senum, to ask about the nuts & bolts on how to participate or start a timebank in a their Santa Rosa community. 


In February, Rocky’s very own employer, the Sonoma County Library in Santa Rosa, is launching a program series called Sustainability Circle. Each month the Sustainability Circle will have a reading circle and program related to sustainability. 


“Alternative Economies” is the topic for the Sonoma County Library program this coming February, hence Rocky’s outreach to Reinette. Rocky arranged an interview of Reinette for the Sonoma County Library program archives.


You can listen and share what Rocky captured in this 20 minute interview on the SoundCloud Station “TapeACall” here:


Former HNC member; Jenny "Rocky" Rockwell

Member organization, Sierra Harvest has a fabulous program called "Sierra Gardens" where they assist in putting in a garden on your property. This is a photo of one of the gardens they helped to put in at one of our member's home. 


HNC members Randi Patrini and Dee Anne Dinelli trade hours for fall starts. Randi tells HNC, "What a delight to be able to trade organic certified vegetable starts (or herbs, annual flowers & perennials) from my business, Fresh Starts Organic Farm, with other members of Hour Nevada County." That's right, you can timebank for products as well!

TimeBanking is not only for individuals, it's also for businesses and the community!. HNC members, Ellie Lightfoot and Jerome Myers and founder, Reinette Senum (and a helpful passerby) pitched in at the Nevada City Boardwalk after a vandal cut the beautiful tall sunflowers. Jerome also saved the day by fixing a deep fryer for a local restaurant!

Patricia taught knitting to Jerome's son, Orion, and Jerome helped Anna-Thea by moving a clothes rod and building a small shelf in her closet. It's those little things that can make life so much easier!

Happy Hour Nevada County is so much fun when members come together to share stories.


Member Cathleen Parsons is often called "Community Cathleen." She has a pulse on the community in need and a knack for finding something to fill that need. Cathleen also works extensively with Veterans. Here she shows off shopping bags for Vets made creatively from animal feed bags.

Founder, Reinette Senum is always looking for ways to support the community!

cathleen with stew.JPG

After Cathleen's eye surgery members from the Hour Health group of Hour Nevada County helped her by bringing meals, walking her dog, taking her to doctors appointments, and more. In this photo she is enjoying a stew made by the wonderful, Pinky Zalkin.

Orion is also receiving piano lessons from Nora.

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