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In an effort to make things as simple as possible, anyone will be able to attend the next Hour Nevada County Intro/Orientation live on YouTube. Previously, we were going to use the Streamyard Video conferencing but decided that more people would be able to view it and ask questions through the chat feature, by using YouTube. So just click on this link and join us on Tuesday, December 1st at 6pm. This link will also be on our Hour Nevada County Facebook page for easy sharing with friends! So please join us and let your friends know also. The more people that use timebanking, the better it will be for everyone!

We are happy to report we are re-opening in Nevada County and even more happy to report that THIS Friday, May 22nd, 9am-2pm, we are holding our 6th Annual City-wide Nevada City Spring Cleaning. Come join us in sprucing up Nevada City in preparation for our Covid RE-OPENING. We will be focusing on trash & weed removal, repainting gas lamps and curbs, repainting benches, and graffiti & sticker removal, in the downtown and 7-Hills District! Nothing feels better than the instant gratification of this annual event, and we always see HNC and community members glowing after working on beautifying Nevada City. There is an inherent sense of pride knowing you have made Nevada City a better place to live, and one can't help but have a sense ownership in this good work. This is also a perfect antidote to feeling depressed, powerless, lonely or overwhelmed. So, come on out of your home, if you are concerned about your immune, please come with your mask on and we have a limited supply of latex gloves. Fortunately, giving Nevada City a hardy spring cleaning does not require close proximity with people......

As an HNC member you will receive Timebank hours for your service from the City of Nevada City. 

No sign up necessary. All ages welcome and please wear proper work attire including masks and work gloves. If you have any questions, please contact me at 530-264-6048 or email me at

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We have an exciting and unique offer to earn TimeBank hours. Nevada City has a special Burning Man installation, Digital Dalang, coming to town and will need assistance with set up and take down. Digital Dalang is an art installation that promotes cultural art & technology with an interactive Indonesian shadow puppet theatre integrated with motion-reactive projected visuals. Since the projects premiere at Burning Man 2018, Digital Dalang has performed in Thailand, Mexico & Indonesia & has raised over $1000 for local charities supporting the rainforests & disaster victims. 

In 2018, Digital Dalang became the first Indonesian art project to be awarded funding from Burning Man. The interactive art installation combines traditional wayang kulit shadow puppetry with motion reactive projection mapping. Digital Dalang was handpicked by the festival’s late founder, Larry Harvey, to receive an Honoraria Art Grant and he shortlisted the project as one he was most excited to see. 

Come August 2nd, Digital Dalang will be coming to Nevada City for its last First Friday Art Walk. The shadow puppet theater will be set up at the bottom of Bridge St., next to the KVMR radio station. The Bonanza parking lot along Bridge St. will be turned into an outdoor amphitheater for the Art Walk!

We will need volunteers to help erect the stage, move sandbags, hang lights, and move equipment from approximately noon to 5pm. Takedown, if you prefer to work later, will be after 9pm. If you are interested in earning additional TimeBank hours and would love to work along this amazing international team, please contact Reinette Senum at

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